Favorite Winter Memory With Bigelow

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And just like that, we are in a new year. Can you believe it? Time sure flies! I wish everyone has an amazing new year full of positive vibes and good energy. I started the year with an optimistic attitude and with the mission to stay positive and celebrate all the little moments that make us happier. This time of the year I always remember a special memory that I will always keep in my heart. I think remembering good moments lifts our spirits and is something that we should not take for granted. That’s why today I wanted to share with you my Favorite Winter Memory with Bigelow

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My favorite winter memory is and I think will always be: The First Time I Saw Snow!

As a lot of you know I was born and raised in Puerto Rico. For those of you that aren’t familiar with the island. Most of the time the climate is sunny and warm 365 days a year which means that the natural changes that occur here in the US during fall and winter don’t really happen in Puerto Rico. Growing up in the Caribbean was fun, meant going to the beach with my family and enjoy the outdoor activities during “winter” but at the same time was different from what I used to see in the TV and Movies. I remember as a little girl watching a snowman movie not understanding where it came from. Obviously later I realized that it had to do with the fact that I lived in the Caribbean and we didn’t have snow. And to be really honest I didn’t miss it because you can’t miss what you never had but I was always curious about it.

So I grew up, I went to college and decided that after I graduated college I was going to move to Rhode Island. So the semester before I graduated, I went to Rhode Island to spend the holidays with Jonathan.

I went and spend that special time of the year with my significant other and had an amazing time. I will never forget that first time when I saw snow…

It’s was early in the morning and I just woke up. I was wearing leopard print pajamas and I had crazy bed hair. All of the sudden Jonathan looks at the window and says “Looks like there’s snow”. Needless to say, I jumped out of the bed and when out. I was so happy I forgot to put on a coat so I went back grabbed a coat and told Jon to take a picture of me with the snow. I know, I know so chessy but I had to do it. Just imagine…Here I am in my 20’s touching and seeing snow for the first time, jumping like a little kid. Of course, I needed a picture. It was a special moment shared with my significant other that I will always remember.

That winter, I started adding new self-care rituals to my routine that I continue to practice still this day. One of the things I started doing was having a cup of Bigelow Constant Comment Black Tea every night during winter as an easy way to stay warm and meditate. I also started taking 15-20 minutes to stay in complete silence with a face mask in my face to relax and have “me time”. After that, I do face massages with a face roller which is a great way to stimulate collagen. I love this routine because silence is good for our bodies and is need it. Having a delightful cup of Bigelow Constant Comment Black Tea helps me have a balanced mood which brings me calmness and relaxation. I have to say Bigelow is the only brand of tea that I drink and I highly recommend it because has a great flavor.

Did you know that January is Hot Teat Month? #CelebrateHotTeaMonth I’m celebrating it with Bigelow because this year Constant Comment celebrates its 75th Anniversary! In case you didn’t know is a family brand with 3 generations manufactured in the US. I love the brand because they offer a lot of varieties at accessible prices; I usually buy two boxes at Walmart.

If you are interested in knowing more about the History of Bigelow Tea click here to read their book or click here to watch this video and get to know more about Bigelow “Constant Comment”.

Bigelow Constant Comment Black Tea it’s very easy to make. I just follow the instructions, add boiled water in my cup and put the bag of tea in the water. After a few minutes, I just remove the bag and drink it. If I want something extra I add cream but to be honest I like it simple how I previously mentioned. Since Bigelow Constant Comment Black Tea is individually wrapped with foil packaging which preserves the freshness, I can drink it on the go, it’s easier and more practical that’s why it is my number one choice of hot tea.

I left an island for another “island” and fell in love with the beauty of the place. Created special memories, started practices that bring the best of me and more. The best part? These are life experiences that are mine forever, for some these may be insignificant but to me, these are the little moments that I cherish because they can only be lived once.

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