Where I Buy Affordable Oversize Headbands?

where I buy Affordable Oversize Headbands

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where I buy Affordable Oversize Headbands

What I’m Wearing: Headband in blue available also in pastel pink.

We all know that Oversize Headbands are on trend and we also know that trends come and go and we do not necessarily want to spend a lot of money on them! I don’t invest a lot of money on trends for that reason and that’s why I like to buy Oversize Headbands that are between $1-$10! 

I buy mine at shein, asos, urban outfitters, etc. because they always have a great variety at great prices. I’ve also seen great stylish headbands at romwe which it’s a store similar to shein.

If you are like me and want to rock the trend but not to spend too much, click the carousel and shop! 

Click to Shop! 

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