5 Beauty Tricks That Will Make You Look Effortlessly Beautiful

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I’ve always been curious about the meaning of being “effortlessly beautiful”. Depending on the country, the meaning changes, but at the same time, the responses have one thing in common and is that “beauty varies and is relative”. 

With time, I’ve discovered that being “Effortlessly Beautiful” is a vibe that comes from your personality and the way you carry yourself. It also has to do with a particular look. A look that we all have because we all have a unique beauty. Lately, I’ve been loving having a more effortless look. Don’t get me wrong, I still love a vibrant red lip and a full hair production, but summers in Rhode Island are no joke and with the heat. So, I prefer to have a more relaxed look. 

Today, I wanted to share a few things that I’ve been doing to look effortlessly beautiful and embrace my natural look. So, let’s start!  

Rocking Heat-less Waves

I love the look of heat-less waves on my hair. I’ve been rocking this hairstyle all summer! It’s an easy way to look put together and cute without spending a lot of time doing my hair. I used to just use a serum but my hair is super frizzy so lately I’ve been using the göt2b® ultra glued® Invincible Styling Gel and the göt2b® glued® Styling Spiking Hair Glue. The only thing I have to say is…why didn’t I discover these göt2b® products sooner?! They make a huge difference in the results, and I’m obsessed. 

I wear these heat-less waves a lot when I go to the beach and since I use the göt2b® ultra glued® Invincible Styling Gel, my hair still looks cute when I leave the beach. I know it’s because it has an amazing hold that makes your hair stay in place all day. On top of that, it’s not sticky and doesn’t leave flakes, it’s truly amazing. 

Here is step by step on how I use these products to achieve my Heat-less Hair Waves!

Once I get out of the shower, I untangle my hair carefully because the hair it’s weaker when is wet. Then, I divide the hair into two sections with a side part. 

I apply a little bit of göt2b® glued® Styling Spiking Hair Glue on the top of my hair on both sides because has a stronghold and keeps everything in place. It’s water-resistant and works really well, keeping me without the frizz.

Then, I apply a little bit of the göt2b® ultra glued® Invincible Styling Gel on each side. After that, I start making a “Dutch Braid”, which is the opposite of a French Braid. The key is to start making the braid on the very front part of your hair because that will leave a really pretty wave in the area that frames the face. 

When I finish the braid, I like to add a little bit more göt2b® ultra glued® Invincible Styling Gel on top of the braids because it helps to set the structure of the braids. This way when I release them, my hair keeps its shape. 

Then I wait 2-3 hours or leave them overnight, which is what I do most of the times. And then I have my heat-less hair waves! 

Tip: The tighter the braid, the curlier it will look. I like it tighter because it gives me a very natural wave/curl. 

I bought these amazing göt2b® products at CVS. They are super accessible and effective, so if you’d like to try this hairstyle, I highly recommend them!

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Enhance Your Natural Features: Eyes, Lips, etc. 

We all have different features and that makes us unique and beautiful. Embrace them and highlight them! In my case I have big lips, I like to highlight my lips by using a lip liner 1-2 shades  darker than my skin tone, as this will make them look natural but noticeable. If someone sees my lips, they won’t notice the lip liner because it’s meant to make me look like I have naturally beautiful lips not like I have a pile of lipstick on.

Let Your Skin Breathe + Less Makeup! 

This goes hand and hand with the last tip. During summer I like to rock my skin without makeup because I like to let my skin breathe. When I wear makeup I only use a concealer one shade lighter than my skin to make me look bright and awake and gives me a natural vibe. To achieve that fresh look that makes you look effortlessly beautiful I recommend you wear lip-cheek stains or cream products because they give a more natural look on the skin.  

Hair Color that Compliments Your Complexion

Okay. This one’s hard for me because I adore coloring my hair and I’ve colored my hair in every possible color of the rainbow. But in terms of embracing your “Belleza Natural” in my case, a red color won’t work for me. I remember when I colored my hair strawberry red… I didn’t like it because it didn’t look natural on me. I didn’t see myself, why? Because it doesn’t compliment my complexion. If you want a beautiful effortless look try to stay within 1-2 shades lighter or darker of your natural hair color. Example, I can wear honey highlights and still look good and natural because it goes with the color of my eyes and my complexion.

Be Authentic!

I’ve seen people that look so beautiful not because they have a designer bag or are wearing a specific clothing item. It’s because they are true to themselves and it shows. I think that authenticity makes us beautiful. So remember to stay true to yourself. That uniqueness will take you places and makes you look gorgeous.

Xo, Char

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