5 Ways To Boost Your Confidence

5 Ways to Boost Your Confidence

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Can we talk about the power of being Confident? I think I love to talk about this topic mainly because I’ve seen what being confident and comfortable can bring to my life. I also know what feeling insecure can do so that’s why I’m very committed to lift my spirit and share what works for me in my self-love journey. I’m only human and of course, I have insecurities but I try to maximize my confidence by confronting my insecurities, that’s what I’ve learned over the years. I’ve talked about this before and continue to do it because is an excellent exercise that really builds up our persona and pushes us forward.

I was watching a tv show the other day about women who are very powerful in different industries. And I remember that one of them dazzled because of the confidence she had in herself. I noticed that she wasn’t confident because she had a lot of money or status. She projected confidence because she knew her worth and that made her beautiful. To me Confidence is not about what you have, is about how you look within yourself and how you manage who you are in life. Accepting no less than what you deserve plays a huge part of being comfortable projecting confidence. That’s why today I wanted to share with all of you 5 tips to boost our confidence. These are practices that elevate our spirit and maximize the way we feel. We deserve it so let the list begin!

5 Ways to Boost Your Confidence

#1 Smile with Confidence

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I believe that having a brighter smile means having a brighter confident you! That’s why having a dental routine that is effective and using accessible products is very important to me because builds up my confidence level in the morning and gets me ready for the day.

Colgate TotalSF Advanced Whitening Toothpaste is what I’m currently using and does a lot more for my dental hygiene with an amazing value because helps prevent plaque, gingivitis, bad breath and tartar build up. I absolutely love that it’s an anti-sensitivity toothpaste which means that I can confidently have a brighter smile without having to feel uncomfortable. If you open my cabinet you’ll find 5 Colgate TotalSF  packs of dental toothpaste because I never like to run out of my favorite toothpaste (yes, I’m that person! lol).

5 Ways to Boost Your Confidence
5 Ways to Boost Your Confidence

I also like that it strengthens enamel protects my teeth, tongue, cheeks, and gums. I try to brush my teeth after every meal to keep everything clean and fresh. That’s why my dental routine is very simple because I don’t like to complicate things, I only do these three steps:

5 Ways to Boost Your Confidence
5 Ways to Boost Your Confidence
  1. I apply Colgate TotalSF on my wet toothbrush and brush my teeth up and down for about a minute on every area, after that I rinse.
5 Ways to Boost Your Confidence

2. I use a floss pick!

5 Ways to Boost Your Confidence

3. After that, I just use the Colgate Total Peppermint mouthwash to maximize my dental hygiene.

I like to buy my Colgate TotalSF products at Walmart because they always have everything I need so if you are looking for something to improve your dental routine I recommend you check out Colgate TotalSF toothpaste at Walmart.

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#2 Be a Firm Decision Maker!

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I became more comfortable by sticking to my decisions and to my point of view in different scenarios. That’s why invite you to raise your voice and stand by your opinion and all the decisions you make because…

1. Because it helps to believe in yourself and builds character.

2. You become more confident once you respect the value of your opinions and others.

#3 Try to Look Presentable and Cute Everyday!

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I work from home so I used to stay in pajamas working in front of the computer all day. But I realized that it made me feel down and “fodonga” which means slovenly. That’s why now I get ready even if I stay at home because it makes me feel better about myself and definitely more confident.

#4 Have a Makeover!

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I don’t do this often because I don’t color my hair as often as I used to but I remember that every time I did a makeover, whether was a hair color change or changing my clothing style I felt refreshed and my confidence level also went up! So if you feel you need to feel better about yourself try it because it really helps.

#5 Embrace Your Flaws and All That Your Are!

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There’s nothing more beautiful and authentic than a person that knows that is imperfect and loves itself! Embracing everything about you really boosts our confidence because is liberating and will make you appreciate all that you are.

Xo, Char

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