Why You Should Wear Beautiful Bras Every Day!

Plus Size Bra

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Plus Size Bra

Finding plus size bras that are cute is not an issue anymore thank God but 10 years ago was another story. I remember seeing cute underwear only from sizes XS to XL. Sometimes I was “lucky” to fit into the XL but it was annoying af to have to conform to that size XL. Thanks to the evolution of plus size clothing and us as customers speaking out about our needs today I can wear confidently underwear that is modern, beautiful and that fit my body in all the right places. Conforming is not an option anymore for me and it shouldn’t be either for you that’s why I’m committed to sharing new lingerie and underwear from stores that offer us what we deserve: A lot of options and the best! 

Today I’m sharing the first undergarment and is from an online store called Simple Be! They sent me one of their new bras and to be honest I knew I was going to love it because I love everything I buy from them. This bra model is called Pretty Secrets Animal Mesh Padded Balcony Bra and I love that has a leopard print design (you guys know is my fav)and also that it’s a beautiful classic red. The style also comes in black but you guys know that I love all things red so I went with the red!

Now let’s talk about the fit. I’m 42DD in all the bras I own. The one I’m wearing today is very comfortable and supportive which is the most important thing for me but I felt that I could have gotten a bigger cup size. Although fits me well I prefer more coverage on the bust area, that’s just my preference. So keep that in mind when you buy it. But other than that is beautiful and it really makes me feel fabulous and confident which is the reason why I love wearing beautiful underwear.

I think is perfect for Valentine’s Day but also for any day. I’ve always said that you don’t need a special occasion or a partner to wear cute lingerie/undergarment. I think if it contributes to feeling good about ourselves and boosts our confidence should be for every day so if you haven’t bought sexy/beautiful underwear or lingerie for yourself I invite you to do it. Don’t wait for a special occasion, just wear it as part of a self-love journey because little things like that can improve our mood and our day!

What I’m wearing:
Pretty Secrets Animal Mesh Padded Balcony Bra

Simple Be Bra
Plus Size Bra
PlusSize Bra
Plus Size Bra
Plus Size Bra

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Thanks to Simply Be for sending me this beautiful bra! 

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