Holiday Gift Guide For Her

Holiday Gift Guide For Her

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Holiday Gift Guide For HerI’m so excited because today I’ll be sharing my first Holiday Gift Guide for the season! This year I’ll be spending Christmas in Puerto Rico and I’m super happy because I haven’t celebrated Christmas there in 3 years. To be really honest I’m looking forward to eat pernil and Puerto Rican avocados lol  (keto fav’s). There’s nothing like Puerto Rican food during the holidays but also and most importantly there’s nothing like sharing quality time with your friends and family. I know I’ll have a great time! I’m already prepping for the holiday travel and buying all the gifts before I leave! I haven’t bought all of them yet but I have a good idea of the things I want to give.

Now that Black Friday is around the corner I thought I would share with you some great Gift Ideas for Her. The list has a little bit of everything and are things that I have or had in the past and loved. Let the list begin!

Gift #1 Conair Clipless Curling WandHoliday Gift Guide For HerHoliday Gift Guide For HerThis Conair Infinity Curling Wand is hands down my favorite curling iron. I recommend this to everyone because I have been using it for 7 years and still works the same. You can adjust the temperature and you don’t need to wait a lot of time to have a beautiful curl. I love it and I’m pretty sure anybody that receives this as a gift will love you forever. Ok, maybe they will love you anyway lol but still is an amazing gift.

Gift #2 Drunk Elephant Skincare

This year a fell in love with the skincare brand Drunk Elephant! They sent me a PR package and I fell in love with a kit called The Littles! These products transformed my skin in a week. I remember I couldn’t believe how fast they worked because I had very dry skin from winter and nothing was working on my skin. Well…nothing except this kit! It is a fabulous gift. You can also buy these products separate which is a plus! The best part? It’s for all skin types (dry, normal, combination; oily)!

Gift #3 Beret!

I’ve never met a beret I don’t love! I love these because they are a stylish way to rock winter clothing. I can have a simple pair of jeans with a black coat and if I add a pink or red beret instantly will elevate the look. I have different colors and styles and I think these are a great gift for her!

Gift #4 Big Fig Mattress!Holiday Gift Guide For HerHoliday Gift Guide For HerSleeping is super important. It recharges our memory and it’s a must for productivity.  I’ve talked about how we can get a better night sleep by disconnecting from social media at night, meditate, etc. because those practices have helped me achieve a better night sleep but I have also mentioned that the quality of my sleeping went from 0 to 100 since I sleep in Big Fig! That’s why I think Big Fig Mattress is a great Holiday gift! In case you didn’t know Big Fig is a mattress for bigger bodies created to fit all the needs of us bigger people. It’s truly a life-changing mattress because it helps you maximize the way you sleep. If you want to surprise someone and facilitate them a better night sleep I recommend the mattress as a gift. It’s a great investment!

I share more information about the mattress in a review here. I’m mentioning the mattress here on the gift guide for her but is really for anybody in the family. Btw. You can use the code “BELLAFAB” to save money on a mattress. They also have Holiday Deals so keep an eye on those during the holiday season!

Gift #5 Face Mask!

I like to create a little beauty kit to add these face masks and give them as gifts because who doesn’t love a good face mask?

Gift #6 Red Lipstick

I like to give makeup as a gift but let’s be real not everyone has the same taste in makeup. I have found that gifting a red lipstick is always a good idea. Why? Because is classic and red looks good on everyone! I added a few of my favorites and a few that are in my wishlist!

Gift #7 Holiday pajamas!Holiday Gift Guide For Her I bought these last year and I can’t stop wearing them, they are super comfy! I found a similar pair here. Pajamas are a cute practical gift, perfect to give to anybody!

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