Big Fig Mattress: The Perfect Mattress For Plus Size Bodies

Big Fig Mattress - Mattress For Plus Size Bodies

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post but Big Fig Mattress did send me the mattress set. This post may contain affiliate links. Affiliate links allow charlottebellafab to earn commissions on products that are been recommended. All opinions are my own.Big Fig Mattress - Mattress For Plus Size BodiesI was going to buy a new mattress because the one I had need it to be replaced and literally within the same week I received an email from Big Fig Mattress for a possible collaboration. As you can imagine I was excited and I said yes because I was intrigued by the full figure brand. I saw they support body positivity and believe all bodies deserve a great night sleep which I couldn’t agree more because all bodies are good bodies and we all should be able to have good quality in our sleeping. It’s part of self-care and since it aligns with my beliefs I thought it was a great opportunity to share my experience with all of you.

Now, What is the Big Fig Mattress?

The Big Fig Mattress is the first and only mattress created specifically for the plus size figure. I love that it’s a mattress that fits all the needs of us bigger people which means that finally someone listened to us and realized that we consume too, they put in the work and made it happen which is fantastic.Big Fig Mattress - Mattress For Plus Size BodiesBig Fig Mattress - Mattress For Plus Size BodiesBig Fig Mattress - Mattress For Plus Size BodiesBig Fig Mattress - Mattress For Plus Size BodiesBig Fig Mattress - Mattress For Plus Size BodiesWhat makes Big Fig Mattress So Special?

  • Has 3 Layers of High Density Poly Foam For No-Sag Cushioning.
  • ThermoGel cooling technology to regulate temperature.
  • Includes a foundation and the foundation is great because supports 5x the weight of a typical foundation.
  • They offer a heavy duty bed frame to support up to 2000 lbs. (It’s not included but is a nice optional add-on, is the one I have.)
  • And they offer 20 years of warranty which is fantastic!

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I received my Queen Big Fig Mattress with a frame two weeks after shipping and I thought was fast considering the transportation process of a mattress. They offer a few delivery services, I had the “White Glove Delivery” and mattress removal which means that they do the unboxing and set up of the mattress + they removed the old mattress which I think is a plus.

Let’s Talk About My Experience!

Big Fig Mattress was created to bring comfort and support plus size bodies and I couldn’t agree more. It feels soft and super comfortable but firm at the same time which is my preference. I love that I can finally REST! OMG you guys have no idea the nightmare of the mattress I had. Previous the Big Fig Mattress I couldn’t rest very well because the bed was very rigid, hard and the springs were driving me nuts. Even with 1,000 pillows underneath I felt uncomfortable, it was terrible.

After I used the Big Fig Mattress for 2 months I can honestly say that it’s the best mattress I have ever slept in my entire life. I stayed in a hotel for a week (with a great bed) and I missed my Big Fig Mattress because I got used to it!Big Fig Mattress - Mattress For Plus Size BodiesBig Fig Mattress - Mattress For Plus Size Bodiesbig fig mattressSince I’ve been sleeping in the Big Fig Mattress I feel rested and feel more productive. Sleeping and resting our body/mind is very important and is definitely something I appreciate now even more because I’m my own boss and I need to be with a lot of energy to be able to work days and nights too.

I asked my boyfriend what he thought about the mattress and he told me “If I would have bought it, it would have been the best decision of my life.” And then I asked him, Why? And he told me, “because is comfortable, not too soft or hard and helps you rest even if you don’t sleep a lot of hours.” And I couldn’t agree more with what he said, it’s a great investment because you can rest and wake up refreshed!Big Fig Mattress - Mattress For Plus Size BodiesThey have different sizes from Twin to California King; you can see which meets your needs and decide the best option for you. The Queen Size was perfect for my boyfriend and for me because wasn’t too big or too small, was perfect for us. I have zero complaints but there is one downside and since this is a review I have to mention it. And it’s that you can only buy it online which means that you have to rely on reviews to know if is worth the investment. For me that’s not a big deal because I buy everything online, but I wanted to mention it because not everyone thinka the same and is important to keep that in mind. Other than that everything else is win-win in my book and if you are thinking to make the purchase I’m here to tell you that is a great investment. It really improves the quality of life, I love it!

Xo, Char

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