Keeping My Scalp Nourished with Dove Dermacare

Keeping My Scalp Nourished with Dove Dermacare

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Keeping My Scalp Nourished with Dove Dermacare


Confession Time:

I’ve always had a problem called: Dandruff.  Can you imagine having white flakes all over you and worry every time you wear a black top or navy dress? That used to be me! Although dandruff is something very common it has always been something that bothered me because it seemed to last forever. I used to get frustrated because every time I found a product that worked for me, it only worked for the first week and then when I stopped using them dandruff would come back. Not only that, but my hair would also get super dry and dull. I always end it up feeling disappointed.

It’s important for me to have my hair flakes free because my hair is that part of me that makes me feel empowered and beautiful. I always like to have my hair done because gives me confidence and that’s why I have it long and have maintained the health of it.

Now that I’ve tried everything and learned a few things about avoiding having dandruff and easy solutions I thought I would share with you what has worked for me. If you have experienced the same situation don’t worry, I got you. These tips will help you not only treat dandruff but also prevent it. Let the tips begin!Keeping My Scalp Nourished with Dove Dermacare#1Tip Organizing + Rest = Stress FreeKeeping My Scalp Nourished with Dove DermacareDid you know that dandruff can be caused by a lot of stress? I’ve learned the hard way. That’s why is important to create a balance in life. In order to have a productive balanced life, I like to get organized. Every Sunday I write everything I have to do for the week. I also do this monthly for important things like appointments, etc.

Organizing will help you create balance because it helps you to manage better your hours. On another note, is also important to have your beauty sleep. Resting is very important for productivity so make it a priority, try to have at least 7-8 hours of sleep, you won’t regret it.

#2 Hair Routine Using Dove Dermacare ScalpKeeping My Scalp Nourished with Dove DermacareAfter trying so many products I found that what works to maintain my hair nourished and flake free with regular use is Dove Dermacare Scalp Anti-Dandruff Dryness & Itch Relief Shampoo and Conditioner. Now that we are in fall season my scalp gets drier which can cause dandruff so using this shampoo and conditioner has been great because is made specifically to help with itchiness and dry scalp. I love that they leave my hair smooth and nourished. The amazing formula smells fantastic, has coconut and shea butter which treats the dryness.

Hair Routine:

Keeping My Scalp Nourished with Dove DermacareKeeping My Scalp Nourished with Dove DermacareKeeping My Scalp Nourished with Dove DermacareFor the application, I make sure my hair is wet and add the shampoo into my hands to create foam. Then I apply it massaging the scalp. I take my time, after, I rinse.

I apply the conditioner from the shoulders down and leave it for 2 minutes. This is optional but is what I do and what works for me. Then I rinse all the conditioner.Keeping My Scalp Nourished with Dove DermacareI don’t touch my hair until is 85% dry. Then I use any serum and detangle my hair. I do it this way because when your hair is 100% wet is very fragile and tends to break easier which is a big no, no.Keeping My Scalp Nourished with Dove DermacareI like to use a big round brush and blow dry my hair in small sections to make sure everything is smooth. After, I create two buns on my hair. I know it sounds strange but this actually creates effortless voluminous hair and I love the look of it.Keeping My Scalp Nourished with Dove DermacareKeeping My Scalp Nourished with Dove Dermacare  This has been my hair routine lately and what has been working to avoid dandruff. If you are experiencing dandruff I highly recommend you try the Dove Dermacare Scalp Anti-Dandruff Dryness & Itch Relief Shampoo and Conditioner. I buy my products at Walmart. I like that they are accessible, effective and smell amazing. Recommended!Keeping My Scalp Nourished with Dove DermacareShop the Dove Dermacare Shampoo here and Conditioner here!

#3 Wash Your Pillowcase!Keeping My Scalp Nourished with Dove Dermacare  Washing your pillowcase is just are important as washing your hair! To keep everything clean and avoid spreading anything that can cause dandruff. In case you are having dandruff, wash or change your pillowcase at least once every two weeks. Also, don’t forget about your pillows! This may sound excessive but it is important to keep where you put your face and hair clean.

#4 Avoid Washing Your Hair Every dayKeeping My Scalp Nourished with Dove DermacareI used to wash my hair every single day and that was one of the biggest mistakes I made because causes dandruff. Mostly because my scalp would get very irritated from all of the products I used to use. Now, I only wash my hair 2 times per week and it’s fantastic not only because my hair lasts longer but because my scalp doesn’t itch.

These are simple habits that helped me treat dandruff! Let me know if you put them on practice.




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