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Keto LifeWhat is self-love? I define self-love as anything that elevates my life. As something that is good to me and my soul, not only today, but also in a long run. In my opinion, the best acts of self-love are the ones that you achieve little by little learning and growing along the way.

Story time:

I went to a theme park and was excited because I bought a membership pass so I could visit the place a few times a year. But the excitement quickly became the opposite when I got in a ride and was asked to get off because the belt wouldn’t close. In that moment my body positive mind got me thinking “but why they don’t adjust these to plus sizes”. I was upset and left thinking so many things, I was overwhelmed and embarrased. Needless to say that the day was not as pleasant afterwards.

After that situation I started thinking about the things I’ve been doing but not enjoying because I felt uncomfortable: ice skating, etc. I realized that I was living only a little and enjoying only what I could instead of what I wanted. So I decided to do a 180 change and after doing a lot of research decided to pursue the keto lifestyle which is known for helping gain a lot of energy, weight loss and controlling the appetite. I’ve been doing it only for a few weeks but I wanted to share my journey because as a body positive blogger these topics are important to share.

Body positivity:

Body positivity was, is and forever will be a big part of Charlottebellafab because it has to do with loving yourself today as you are. If you want to change something, go ahead do it, but first is important to accept and love yourself. I learned to accept my body and to embrace it as it is today. But also is important to know that making healthier choices doesn’t mean that you don’t love yourself as you are today. It doesn’t matter your age, size or gender. There is always room for improvement.

The Hardest Part:

One of the most difficult things has been “letting it go”. All I know is this body, and not knowing what’s going to happen it’s scary and nerve wreaking. But it’s part of the process and I’m learning to deal with it as I go.

Pursuing Healthier Curves:

My goal is to pursue healthier curves and being able to enjoy life without limitations. I’m only 25 years old and conforming to a mediocre lifestyle is not an option for me so that’s why I’m making this happen. I want to bring you alongside in the process because maybe my journey can help others to live life to the fullest. For me that means pursuing healthier curves but for you may be saying yes to things your were not open to.Keto Life - An Act of Self LoveRemember nothing new comes from comfort zones. Sometimes we need to expose ourselves to the unknown to grow and succeed. And yes, it’s scary but also exciting so I invite you to conquer your fears and remember that a little change today can get you to your goal tomorrow.

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Xo, Char


  1. Laura Alonso

    Este post me llega justo en un momento en el que me siento identificada solo que en ocasiones siento que las personas no saben decir las cosas y logran hacerte sentir muy mal

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      Hola! Si, es que hay falta de sensibilidad. Hay personas que como no lo pasan, no lo saben comunicar. Pero tranquila que no estas sola. <3

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