3 Easy Hairstyles with Scarves!

Easy Hairstyles with Scarves

*I get a commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post.Easy Hairstyles with ScarvesNow that I have long hair again, I love wearing hair accessories during summer. Whether is a headband or a hat it adds a something extra to an outfit and I’m all about that.

Currently, my favorite accessories are silk scarves! They are beautiful, classic and versatile. Now that I’m revamping my closet and making it more classic I’ve found that wearing scarves are a very easy way to elevate an outfit, making it classic and modern at the same time. My favorite pattern is anything with a nautical style: boats, lighthouses, stripes, etc.; it reminds me of the beautiful place I live.Easy Hairstyles with ScarvesLately, I’ve been receiving a lot of messages requesting easy hairstyles for summer so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to share how I wear my favorite vintage silk scarf from Ralph Lauren (similar here) to create my go-to summer hairstyles.

Let the list begin!

1. The Turban Headband Easy Hairstyles with ScarvesEasy Hairstyles with ScarvesEasy Hairstyles with ScarvesEasy Hairstyles with ScarvesI like to fold the scarf to create a type of burrito lol. Then I make a knot right in the middle of the scarf, place it as a headband and secure it in the back with another knot. This one has been my favorite to wear with flowy summer dresses.

2. The Classic HeadbandEasy Hairstyles with ScarvesThis one is very self-explanatory. I fold the scarf, place it as a headband and secure it I the back. You can use it like me very classic, but you can also wear the knot on the front and create a bow for a more fun look.

3. The Effortless Ponytail Easy Hairstyles with ScarvesEasy Hairstyles with ScarvesFor this one, you don’t even have to fold it. I take the scarf and place it surrounding my hair in the back, then grab all my hair and create a simple knot. For an effortless result, the messier the better. I love this one because it’s simple but gives something extra to a regular ponytail. With a pair of statement earrings, this hairstyle can make a simple outfit stand out.

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Xo, Char

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