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What I Bring for a Day At The Beach

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Simply Be. The content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Thanks to Simply Be for sending me the fabulous swimsuit and blue shorts!What I Bring for a Day At The BeachNow that finally, we hit 80 degrees in Rhode Island I can visit the beach every week, yay (Or almost every week lol)! A few days ago, I was packing for the beach and realized that I‘ve added things that I didn’t need{Shocker}. So I went through my stuff and took out the things I knew were unnecessary (like makeup) and left the must-haves a.k.a what I really use when I’m visiting the beach. I believe that when it comes to packing for a picnic, pool or a sunny day at the beach it all depends on how many bags you want to carry. And personally, I don’t like to carry 5 bags, 2 umbrellas, and 2 floats to have a good time. If everything can fit in one bag, why carry all that extra stuff?

Today, I want to share what I bring for a day at the beach keeping it to the minimum. Let the list begin!

What I Like To Bring For A Day At The BeachWhat I Bring for a Day At The Beach Straw Beach Bag – I prefer a straw bag for two reasons:

 1. They elevate a summery outfit.

2. They have a lot of space.

They come in different styles, prices and sizes. And if you ask me the bigger the better, so don’t be afraid to use an oversized straw bag, they aren’t only practical; they also compliment a summery outfit perfectly.What I Bring for a Day At The BeachWhat I Bring for a Day At The BeachWhat I Bring for a Day At The BeachMultipurpose Swimsuit – Now, I know this is not something I bring but is what I wear which is important to me. I absolutely love a swimsuit that can be used not only at the beach but afterward, I have enjoyed a great day at the beach. I personally love wearing swimsuits with stripes and fun prints because they are versatile. They can be combined with pants, skirts or shorts and look put together very easily.

I try to only bring one or two additional clothing items, that way I have more space in my bag and avoid bringing the full closet like I have done in the past lol. The animal print swimsuit I’m wearing today is from Simply Be and I’m obsessed with it because since is a halter style, fits me perfectly on the bust, very comfortable and stylish. Love it!

Simply Be has a lot of styles from a fun bikini to a classic one-piece swimsuit so if you are looking for fun different swimsuits I definitely recommend them. In case you didn’t know, Simply Be is a size inclusive clothing brand that has modern elevated clothing at accessible prices. They recently rebranded exclusively for US and their clothing have a new high fashion feel that includes a new athleisure and new swim collection. I’m actually wearing one item from each collection and I have to say that these are great quality! The blue shorts are the super comfortable and give a fun pop of color, perfect for summer. I love the combination of the shorts and the animal print because it makes me feel fabulous. And since I like to combine bold colors, I decided to make the outfit more fun and added a beautiful neon green pair of earrings and a red lipstick which made me feel like a million bucks!

If you are looking for plus size swimsuits that are stylish, comfortable and modern definitely check them out, you’ll fall in love with them!

Sunblock – You guys know sun protection is always a must. And don’t forget your face!(use moisturizer and lip balm with SPF, por favor.)Beach Mat – OMG you guys, I was living under a rock because I’ve never had one of these before. I found this beach mat (they are everywhere) and I’m obsessed! It’s comfy, convenient and easy to clean. Before I used to have a towel but after trying this mat, I will never go back. 100% Recommend!

Snacks – I like to bring turkey sandwiches but you can bring whichever snacks you and your family like.

Water – I bring water to drink and also to clean my feet from the sand(pretty basic but necessary).What I Bring for a Day At The BeachSunglasses – Sunnies are like handbags for me, the bigger the better. These are necessary and won’t occupy a lot of space.

Hat – I use straw hats to protect my face and neck. I lived all my life in an island and now that I live in a coastal state I know that during summer the sun can be very harsh, so I need to bring with me a sun hat. I recommend straw hats because they don’t get overheated and they compliment a summer outfit very well (Like a straw bag), a must have for the summer.What I Bring for a Day At The BeachIf I have a fabulous swimsuit, yummy food, feel comfortable with a sleeping mat and protect my skin from the sun, I have all I need for a good day at the beach. Now that I’ve shared what I bring for a day at the beach, let me know in the comments what are the essentials you bring when you go to the beach?

Xo, Char

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