Ways to Refresh Your Look for Spring!

Refresh Your Look

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Ways to Refresh Your Look for Spring!It’s time for a spring refresh! If you’ve been following me for a while you know I love to change things up in my look every season. At this point is something I’m used to do because it makes me feel good. I’m the type of person that doesn’t have the same style all the time. For example, this past winter I loved to wear metallic, bold colors and prints in one outfit which is more of an edgy look. But now that we are in spring I prefer to wear light colors and classic pieces which gives me a totally different vibe and I love it.

I remember when I was in college, before I started a new semester I always liked to have a new hair color. For some reason when I changed my hair color I felt more inspired and creative so for me changing my look became more than just an superficial change. Became a refreshing way to feel good and be more productive. That’s why I believe fashion and beauty is more than appearance. I believe that those little changes in our look can boost our confidence and make us have new opportunities, take risks and pursue our dreams. If you take a closer look into what can make or break an opportunity, you’ll find that is our confidence level what can move us forward. That’s why today I wanted to share simple ways to refresh our look and feel beautiful, stylish and confident this season. Let the list begin!Ways to Refresh Your Look for Spring!#1 Say Yes to a New Metallic Hair Color!Refresh Your LookRefresh Your LookThere’s nothing more refreshing than changing your hair color! I love the feeling of having a new hairstyle and for some reason every time I have new hair I feel like I’m in a hair commercial (lol). It really boosts my confidence and that’s why I recommend it.Refresh Your LookRecently, I decided I wanted peekaboo blue highlights so I didn’t think about it too much and went to Walmart and bought the NEW Schwarzkopf got2b® Metallic hair color in Blue Mercury which is the perfect shade of blue because has a multi-dimensional metallic look. I did a few baby highlights previously so I just had to add the color.

Step by Step

Note: It’s Important to do a patch test before you use the product. Check the instruction for detailed information.Ways to Refresh Your Look for Spring!First, I wore a plastic cape to protect my top in case the dye gets on me but you can wear an old t-shirt. Then, I followed the instructions, wore the gloves and mixed the color crème with the developer.Ways to Refresh Your Look for Spring!Detangled my hair and applied from top to bottom.Ways to Refresh Your Look for Spring!Refresh Your LookRefresh Your LookAfter 30 minutes I rinse the color, applied the treatment that comes with the kit and then I styled it using the got2b® Volumaniac Bodify Hairspray which is my favorite spray since I have hair bangs (obsessed). I am in love with the color because it blends really well with my dark base color. I also love that Schwarzkopf got2b® Metallic hair color is a brand that empowers others to express their style and personality. So if you are looking for a hair color that is bold, radiant and long lasting I recommend you try it. They have a variety of bold color options to create unique looks.


Refresh Your LookAfterRefresh Your LookWays to Refresh Your Look for Spring!At first it was hard to choose only one because all the colors are beautiful. But I’m glad I picked the blue because is my favorite color, blends well with my dark color and makes me feel good because I can express confidently my personality through my hair.

#2 Declutter Your ClosetWays to Refresh Your Look for Spring!Now that spring it’s here and summer is around the corner it’s a good idea to get rid of the clothing you are not using (coats, jackets, etc.). I recommend you try to stay with pieces that you know you are going to be using a lot this season because the reality is that having a lot of clothing can be overwhelming. To avoid being overwhelmed, I try (and still working on it) to follow these 2 rules.

  1. If I don’t use it, I don’t keep it.
  2. For every new piece of clothing I bring, I will get rid of one.

I personally love white dresses, tops and classic pieces for spring so that’s what I’m keeping in front of my closet, for the rest, I follow the previous rules.

#3 Oversize EarringsRefresh Your LookAccessories can easily elevate an outfit and this season the “it accessory” of the moment are big earrings. The bigger the better! I particularly love the look of blue earrings and white dresses, it’s fresh and perfect for the season so if you still not convince about the trend don’t think about it too much and test it. You’ll fall in love!

#4 Stand Out With Your Natural BeautyRefresh Your LookIf you want to look fresh, natural and elevated the best option is to avoid contouring and too much foundation. Refresh your look by using moisturizer, a little bit of concealer, a peach/pink blush and a natural lip color. Try to focus on your natural beauty, this way you’ll look fresh and beautiful.

Xo, Char

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