7 Reasons Why You Should Wear a Bikini and Feel Fabulous

Plus Size Swimwear

Plus Size SwimwearDid you know that we all have a bikini body? I believe that we shouldn’t follow the thought of “for a bikini, I need to work on my body first!”. I’m a firm believer that we should celebrate our bodies TODAY because life is too short to be waiting to have or achieve a body type.

I got asked recently, How I find the confidence to wear a bikini? To be really honest it didn’t happen overnight! I had to accept and learn to love myself first. After you accept everything about you, you learn to embrace it and that is powerful. That has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. That’s why today I wanted to remind you that you have the perfect body right now and you should embrace your body, love yourself and wear a bikini if you want because is your body and your choice.

7 Reasons to Wear a Bikini and Feel FabulousPlus Size Swimwear

 #1 Because life is too short and there’s no time to lose!

#2 Because you’ll look gorgeous!

#3 Because you’ll be able to get a TAN properly. (You know what I mean)

#4 Because there are so many styles, honey you need to try them on!

#5 Because when you wear it, you break the fear and feel the freedom of self-love.

#6 Because there are a lot of variety in every size!

#7 Because Si, Yas, Yes, Sim!  You really don’t need any particular reason to wear a bikini other than the fact that you want to go to the beach and wear it!


Plus Size SwimwearPlus Size SwimwearPlus Size SwimwearPlus Size Swimwear

Xoxo, Char


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