The Beauty of Being Imperfect

The Beauty of Being Imperfect

The Beauty of Being Imperfect When I was 13 years old I was watching Miss Universe and After I saw the show on TV, I felt so insecure that I started crying. I was crying because I thought “How is possible that a lot of those girls are 18 years old and I’m 13, only a few years less, and I look so ugly and fat”. For some reason, I started looking for my “imperfections” and was sabotaging how I looked. In “arroz y habichuelas” as we like to say in Puerto Rico I was in desperate need of watching someone that looked like me.

Maybe I was insecure because of the beauty contest but now I know that the reason I was so insecure was that I didn’t felt comfortable with my features and wanted to change them to be accepted.

“There is a crack in everything.That’s how the light gets in.” 

-Leonard Cohen

Now that I’m 25 years old, I know that in order to be confident I need,I must and I have to be comfortable in my skin, period. That means that no matter what size I am, how I look, if I have my face paralyzed or if I wear x or y brand I choose to focus my energy on what makes me beautiful. My beauty comes from being comfortable with me, myself and I. Sure, I have insecurities like everyone. But the root of my self-love is so strong that no matter what happens at the end of the day I’m happy with who I am and that to me means beauty. No matter our age, stage of our lives or how we look; there’s beauty in us is a matter of choosing to see that beauty.The Beauty of Being Imperfect Beauty isn’t just about the lipstick or the hair, let’s see deeper. The true essence of beauty means to embrace your look, your imperfections and who you are. I think we are sometimes too harsh with ourselves trying to fit in a mold that we don’t have. That’s why I encourage you to do you and embrace your strengths, style, features, cellulitis, stretch marks, talents and everything about you, including your imperfections because they make you different and being different is beautiful.

Xoxo, Char


  1. Edith Tapia

    ¡Tu escrito me toca tanto! El aceptarnos tal cual somos es determinante en todo lo que hacemos en la vida. Al no hacerlo nos saboteamos…
    Nota aparte…. AMO ESTAS FOTOS TUYAS y me inspiran.

    1. Post

      Ay que bella Edith!Asi es, hay que amarse hoy por hoy. Gracias me hiciste el dia!!

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