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How to be authentic

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How to be authenticThere’s a sense of freedom when you live with authenticity and that, is part of my values. The fact that there’s nobody like me, makes me feel amazing. And I don’t want to sound cocky but just think about it. You came into this world, you grew, developed skills and transformed yourself into a unique person. Isn’t that amazing?

Is the unique individuality that makes a society and is that individuality that makes you Authentic. If you have been following me for awhile, you know that I celebrate diversity. Why? Because I’m diversity and I’m proud of who I am. I think is important to embrace who you are, your personality, style and beauty because that’s what sets you apart from everyone else. You are beautiful, you are intelligent, you have an amazing potential and what makes you different will make you shine. Believe it!

Tips to be authenticToday, I wanted to share with you tips that have helped me find my authenticity. I decided that 2018 was the year to celebrate who I am following my motto of living my authentic self every day of my life. Since I’ve put it in practice I’ve been feeling amazing and if you want to feel that way I encourage you to follow your heart, live your life to the fullest and follow these tips that will make you find and celebrate your authenticity.

Tip1: Ask Yourself…How to be authenticAsk yourself questions that will help you find your authentic self. For example: What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses?, What are your values in a specific subject? The more you ask yourself, the better. This seems logical but I personally think is a great exercise to get to know your inner self.

Tip 2: Express How You Really Feel!How to be authenticHow to be authenticI started to feel like myself when I started to express how I truly feel in every situation. I think is very important to respectfully express your opinions and express why you prefer “this vs. that”. I’ve always been very expressive, different and now that I am an adult I value that part of me more because it’s my personality, who I am and I’m proud of it.Diet Coke New Flavorsnew diet cokeDiet Coke New Flavorsdiet coke new flavorsdiet coke new flavorsHow to be authenticSpeaking of expressing how you feel, I recently saw that Diet Coke® launched new flavors and if you know me, you know that I love the original Diet Coke so when I saw they had in addition new flavors I had to try them. I went to Walgreens and bought the Diet Coke® NEW 12oz sleek cans flavors: Diet Coke® Original, Diet Coke® Feisty Cherry, Diet Coke® Twisted Mango, Diet Coke® Zesty Blood Orange and Diet Coke® Ginger Lime. They have different flavors for different moods which is a yay in my book. I got excited and checked to see which one coincided with how I felt that day. First, I used my phone to check and I clicked here, touched the screen where it asks, waited for a few seconds and then received the daily readout. I got a match with the delicious Diet Coke® Zesty Blood Orange, in the description says that I “think outside of the box”, which is pretty accurate. (happy dance!) I encourage you to try it out and share your mood with your friends and also get an offer.

Digital Offer “Buy (1) 12 oz. sleek can, get (1) free at Walgreens”How to be authenticThat was fun! I definitely love that they have new bold flavors, are 0 calories/sugar and have new sleek cans. I will continue to buy them at Walgreens (My second house lol). If you are like me that love to do fun things to express your personality, I recommend you buy them at Walgreens. Visit the interactive website here, and check what mood you have that day. Share it with your friends. They’ll love it!

Tip 3: Communicate With Your Style!How to be authenticTry different ways to communicate with your style. I personally love to wear different prints and colorful makeup. Why? Because makes me feel confident, bold and I feel 100% myself. I encourage you to do the same, find what works for you and stay with it. But remember, don’t limit yourself. Be yourself, hun!

Tip 4: Authenticity vs. Approval How to be authenticWhen you express how you feel, your opinion, your unique style and the personality, you’ll be criticized. Don’t let that discourage you! You don’t need the approval of others to live your life to the fullest. Authenticity is what makes you unique so be happy, love yourself, express how you feel and always stay positive.


Xoxo, Char



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