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DreamFit BraStorytime:

When I was in college I remember I was walking to go to class…let’s get real, I was running late! And all of the sudden I feel that my bra is loose. Long story short, the clip from the front/center of my bra broke and the worst part was that I had like 3 classes that day back to back so I couldn’t go back because I was already late. I remember I felt so uncomfortable and insecure; from that day I put more attention to the bras I buy and the style of it. I know that bras that have a clip in the middle are not for me. I prefer a more classic style because gives me the support I need and works better with my body.DreamFit BraDreamFit BraDreamFit BraAs a cup size 42DD, finding an affordable comfortable bra used to be a challenge but not anymore. A few years ago I found Dreamfit, a brand that offers a variety of full figure bras. They are perfect for everyday because they are super comfortable. I personally love their Back Smoothing T-shirt Bra because it has a classic style, gives full coverage and fits me perfect. Gives me the perfect amount of lift and support which makes me feel confident. Using Dreamfit bras I do not need to compromise comfort to feel and look good, that’s something I love.

DreamFit BraDreamFit BrasDreamFit BraDreamFit BraDreamFit BraEnter to this Dreamfit giveaway for a chance to win a one of (4) $250 Walmart gift cards to build the bra wardrobe of your dreams. Plus, 10 lucky winners will have the chance to win a Dreamfit bra of their choice!

The best part about Dreamfit bras? They are super affordable and accessible, I buy mine at Walmart. If you are looking for full figure bras that are comfortable, affordable and bring support; I highly recommend you try them out!

Xoxo, Char

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