Holiday Gift Guide For Her

Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

I think if you are giving someone a gift is because that person is special to you. For those members of your family and friends that you want to give a gift on Christmas, I have created a list of items that will be useful and special because are created to take care of themselves one way or another. I personally enjoy these types of gifts that’s why I have already bought a few of them for me lol. Let me know in the comments, What gifts are you planning to give this year on Christmas!?

Now, Let the list begin!


Creo que si le das un regalo a alguien es porque esa persona es especial para ti. Para aquellos miembros de tu familia y amigos que tu les quieres dar un regalo en Navidad, he creado una lista de artículos que serán útiles, especiales y bien pensados porque se crearon para cuidar de sí mismos y darse cariñito. Personalmente disfruto de este tipo de regalos porque los he comprado para mí año tras año un millón de veces lol.

¡Qué comience la lista!

Massages are Always Welcomed!


Stylish Accesories!

For the Makeup Lover!


Skincare 101

Pajamas & more Pajamas!

Happy Holidays!
Xoxo, Char

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