How to Find the Perfect Blazer with $10 or less!

How to find the perfect Blazer

How to find the perfect BlazerHow to find the perfect BlazerHow to find the perfect BlazerHow to find the perfect BlazerHow to find the perfect BlazerHow to find the perfect BlazerHow to find the perfect BlazerHow to find the perfect BlazerHow to find the perfect Blazer

I believe this fall everyone should have a blazer! This classic piece will make you look stylish and chic. A good blazer elevates an outfit giving you structure which always looks “expensive”. The best part is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to buy the perfect blazer. In fact, all my blazers are so inexpensive (but they don’t look cheap) because I like to save money, who doesn’t? That’s why today I wanted to share a few tips to find the perfect blazer at an affordable price, because yes, you can look expensive without breaking the bank.

Tip 1: Where can I buy a blazer for $10 or less?

I love to buy all my blazers from which is a thrift store online, but I also have seen amazing blazers for less than $10 on Thread up which is another thrift store online. You can also visit local thrift stores if you prefer to see how it looks in person, I recommend Savers, and they always have a large variety of blazers from vintage to more modern options. I personally love online shopping; I find this is the best way to save money. How can I save money shopping online?

I recently bought this amazing orange blazer from swap and I pay $0. Here is the thing; the blazer was $8 On Sale which is pretty affordable. With shipping would be $14 but I wanted to pay less so I looked on Google for Online Coupons which is the key! Swap always has amazing coupons that’s why I knew I would find a good one.

Now, because I shop so much at swap (btw this is not sponsored) I had a ten dollar credit so I could give my credit and pay the rest $4 for the shipping but I didn’t want to pay $4 (lol yes I wanted to be less) and I know may sound cheap but hey I’m all about smart shop so I used a coupon (you can use just one coupon per order) that made the cost of the blazer $6 instead of $8 and with the coupon I just had to pay $1.99 which is an amazing deal but in my mind I was what if I can pay $0? So I looked for a coupon that offered Free Shipping and that’s the way I pay $0 for that orange blazer. Amazing right? But what if you don’t have credit? You can still have a blazer for less than $10 dollars you have to play with the online coupons.

Tip: With your first purchase you have free shipping.

 Tip 2: Time to explore!

To find a good blazer you need to be open to try new things. Try a different color, prints and styles! Maybe the one you think won’t work is the one you end up buying.

Tip 3: Find the Right Fit

This is one of the most important things you have to keep in mind when it comes to buying a blazer. In my book there are 3 main different fits; the thigh fitting, slightly loose and the oversize fitting. I believe the most flattering, stylish and chic fit is when the clothing is slightly loose but still has structure. A blazer looks more modern and expensive when has enough room to be comfortable and has a good length. BTW, I’m a true size 18 but I like to wear my blazer in 20 to be comfortable, that’s why love the oversize fit!

Tip: Try to stay away from short blazers, a longer blazer will always elevate your outfit!

Plus Size Affordable Blazers:

  1. Blazers from $2.99
  2. Blazers from $4.00

Blazer Inspiration:

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