3 Hairstyles to Rock CFW with Bed Head By TIGI

Bed Head By Tigi

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Bed Head By TigiLast week I had what I like to call a Mini Makeover Moment. This means in charlotte’s dictionary that I need it a hair change! If you’ve been following me on YouTube you know that I love changing my hair color often. I’ve always thought that changing my look was so refreshing and that’s why every year during college I had a different hair color. I went from black to red, from red to blonde, from blonde to silver, etc…You name it! Unfortunately, everything changed after I graduated college because I got accepted into an internship where I couldn’t rock the blue hair so I decided to change my hair color to a blue-black thinking it would be a good excuse to focus on the growth and health of my hair and that’s pretty much what I did. It took me one year to go from very short hair to the hair length I have right now. But there was a problem…

Rewind to Mini Makeover Moment, because I was used to changing my hair color, it was difficult for me not to dye my hair for an entire year so recently without thinking too much I cut my bangs to have a new look without compromising the health of my hair and I love it! I felt inspired by a photo I saw on the Bed Head by TIGI page; in case you didn’t know they are an inspiring bold brand that has amazing hair products with a unique,unconventional; edgy vibe. I’m currently using their Bed Head Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo to give texture to my bangs and I’m obsessed! I am super excited (happy dance!!) because this year I’ll be going with Bed Head by TIGI to College Fashion Week 2017 in Boston and I can’t wait!

In case you didn’t know College Fashion Week is an event where you can see the latest fall fashion trends. It’s my first time attending so I’m excited to see all the fall must-haves, trends, and stylish fashionistas! I’m currently debating on what hairstyle I should wear for the event, so I thought it would be a great idea if you help me pick a hairstyle! What do you think!? I came up with these 3 Easy Hairstyles that everyone can wear for a date night, girls night out or an event like College Fashion Week.

#1 Graphic Pins

Bed Head by TigiBed Head by TigiBed Head by TigiBed Head by TigiBed Head By Tigi

For this first look I use bobby pins! Starting with the hair straight I divided my hair to the side picking up my bangs, keeping the rest of my hair behind my ear. On the side where I have my “bangs” I use vertically 3 bobby pins upside down to show the flat side. Then I use 3 more bobby pins between the bobby pins but this time diagonally. To finish the look and create a more sleek look I use the Bed Head by TIGI Masterpiece hairspray, I love this hairspray because it gives you the right amount of hold, is humidity resistant and smells really good.

#2 Half-Up Messy Bun!

Bed Head By TigiBed Head By TigiBed Head By TigiBed Head By TigiBed Head By Tigi

To create this top messy bun I pick up a little bit of hair from the top and with my hands I created literally a donut! After tying it with a rubber, I pulled it apart and use the Bed Head by TIGI Masterpiece hairspray and the Bed Head by TIGI Headrush to keep everything in place looking glossy and shiny. This look is so simple and effortless, I love to use it know that I have bangs!

#3 Voluminous Waves

Bed Head By TigiBed Head by TigiBed Head by TigiBed Head By TigiBed Head by Tigi

To create this look I start with straight hair. Then I like to divide my hair with a clip and using a 1-inch curling wand I wrap a small piece of hair around the wand leaving the ends out for 7 seconds, I repeat this step until all my hair has beautiful curls. Today I’m going for a messy voluminous look so to achieve that look I like to use on my hair the Bed Head Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo which gives lots of volume, leaves my hair feeling refreshed and gives texture to my hair. Then to keep my hair looking shiny and healthy I apply the Bed Head by TIGI Headrush. I’m obsessed with these products they are amazing quality and I love them because the brand inspires me which is a #winwin. Bed Head by TIGI is sold at Ulta Beauty and online at ulta.com

Tip: This last hairstyle looks good the first day but on the second day looks AMAZING!

Let me know in the comments which look should I rock for College Fashion Week 2017? The one that has more votes is the one I’ll wear! Wii!

Xoxo, Char

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