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Tone Radiant Glow

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Tone Skin Care. All opinions are mine alone. Tone Radiant Glow - Plus Size BloggerI don’t know about you but when I get ready I like to take my time and relax! I remember last year when was in college I didn’t have a lot of time to get ready so I always tried to have my outfit ready for the next day (although I confess sometimes I rocked the pajama trend lol) and that way I gave priority to my routine which was what made me feel good about myself and ready to start my day in a positive way. Since I graduated I’ve changed in many ways but that belief about getting ready and taking care of myself to be in a positive mood still the same.

Now that fall has finally arrived the way I like to get ready is prioritizing my skin. While in summer I like to rock beach waves and my skin has the perfect natural glow thanks to the sunny days at the beach, during fall everything changes. My skin gets drier and I usually need to put a lot of work to maintain my skin looking good. Fortunately, I have found that it was happening because I was used to using a regular bar soap which didn’t work for my skin anymore and now that I’ve made the switch to Tone body wash and stopped using a bar soap I feel great, my skin feels good and my get ready routine is completed faster because I don’t have to use a ton of products in the shower to have beautiful skin.

3 Easy Steps to Get Ready and Feel Radiant:

Tone Radiant Glow

Tone Radiant Glow

Tone Radiant Glow

1.  Shower Time! – When I’m in the shower I like to use a luffa and the Tone Radiant Glow Body Wash which has been my go to this pasts 2 weeks. There are a few reasons why I love this product so much but the main reason is that leaves my skin clean, silky, smooth and smelling amazing! Tone has a variety of fragrances, the one that I am using is Tone Radiant Glow and smells so good, you guys need to try it!

SN: I think I haven’t mentioned this before but something very curious about me is that I don’t wear perfume because everything gives me allergies. So when I found this Tone body wash, I fell in love because not only smells amazing but also stays for a long period of time which makes me feel confident. The best thing is that it’s super affordable and accessible. #WinWin If you are looking for a good Body Wash I recommend you try Tone!

Tone Radiant Glow

2. Makeup Time! –  To be honest my make up routine changes a lot but something I love to wear this season are cooper eyes and dark lips. I know sounds a little bit “Too much” for the day but if you keep it “simple” with mascara looks so good plus is really easy to create, I always love to rock a dark lip makes me feel like a million bucks!

Tone Radiant Glow

3. Hair Time! – During Fall I like to wear my hair a lot straight but with volume. So to achieve this look I try to only use a serum to protect my hair and then blow dry my hair lifting up my roots with a big round brush, that way I create volume that lasts all day! After I do my hair I finish getting ready wearing a simple blouse, jeans, over the knee boots and I am ready to go!

What do you do to Get Ready During Fall? If you are in College, How much time you have to get ready? Also, let me know if you have tried the Tone Radiant Glow or other fragrances?  Xoxo, Char

Xoxo, Char



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      Hola bella! Gracias!! Ellos tienen un kit en color azul y blanco qu es para pieles sensitivas!Te lo digo por si te interesa probarlo!Un abrazo!

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